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Abraham: If Im Already Rich What Should Pay Electricity


04 Mei 2018
Abraham: If Im Already Rich What Should Pay Electricity

Dialog antara Bob Saril (kanan) dengan Abraham (kiri) dalam kunjungan ke SMA Negeri 6 Surabaya.(zainuddin).

There was an interesting dialogue when General Manager (GM) PT PLN East Java Distribution Bob Saril taught at SMA Negeri 6 Surabaya. Abraham, one of the rest asked: "Sir, if I am already successful and already rich, do I still have to save electricity?

The question was answered by Bob Saril, "Abraham, later if you are successful, mending his money later you give to the need ya .." he replied then clapped his hands to Abraham and greeted the participants' applause.

That's a bit of a dialogue between Bob Saril and Abraham, one of the students of SMA Negeri 6 Surabaya, when he came to the school on Jalan Pemuda Surabaya on Friday (4/5/2018). Many other questions, which makes the number one person in PT PLN East Java Distribution laugh.

Aware of the importance of the world of education for the development of the nation and as one form of corporate concern to the world of education is to share knowledge, PLN Distribution East Java visit and share knowledge related to electricity to hundreds of students Senior High School 6 Surabaya. Welcomed by the Principal of Drs.Mamik Pujowati.M.Pd, Bob Saril conveyed a recent update about the electrical business and the opportunity to join PLN and was followed by enthusiastic students in the discussion session.

"PLN is present in schools in the context of PLN Teaching this is a program that has been implemented the umpteenth time since 2015 on a regular basis every year," said Bob Saril.

In 2018, PLN Mengajar was launched to commemorate National Education and National Awakening Day with the theme "Terangi Bangsa with Education". This program is not only done by PLN Unit in East Java but has been implemented in PLN Unit throughout Indonesia.

This program is one part of the PLN Education Care Program with the aim of improving the quality of education in schools. PLN employees provide education on the electricity sector which may be rarely explained in the regular curriculum, so it is expected that the activities will provide added value to the students.

On the same occasion, after completion of teaching, Bob Saril as well as providing assistance to the school of Rp. 48.000.000 (Forty Eight Million Rupiah) which will be allocated for the purchase of 10 pieces of PC type All in One for the smoothness of National Exam Based Competency. (Zainuddin).

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